You like the 'Ask'! Assist your local chapter in creating, planning, organizing and implementing fundraising initiatives. This may include coordinating fundraising campaigns and events, or playing more of a support role for various fundraising event logistics and activities in your community.

Fundraising Coordinator

Help develop and implement new fundraising campaigns and events for your chapter goals and organize and coordinate fundraising initiatives with your fundraising support team.

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  • Age: 18+/retired
  • Sept-Dec availability, 2 hours/week
  • LOVEs the Ask!
  • previous fundraising experience
  • remote access w/ own personal computer
  • computer savvy/familiar w/ google based applications

Fundraising Support

Help the team implement fundraising initiatives by supporting various event logistics and other fundraising activities.

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  • Age: 15+/retired
  • Sept-Dec availability, 2-5hours/month or event based
  • own transportation means

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If you are interested in a role shown on this page, please visit your Local Chapter’s webpage to see if this role is listed as a current need or reach out to them to inquire.