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The Shoebox Project for Schools

Help us foster inclusive, empathetic and compassionate communities by bringing The Shoebox Project to your school

Why It's Important

Participating in a Shoebox Project gift drive provides a rare opportunity for children to consider the needs and challenges of those in their community who are experiencing or at-risk-of homelessness. We believe that school-based Shoebox gift drives foster more connected communities and promote a lifelong love of helping others through philanthropy and volunteerism. 

For women, receiving a Shoebox from a young person can be an especially touching gesture of kindness. A Shoebox gift with a hand-written message can provide a memorable moment of joy and gratitude, and the comfort of knowing that they belong to a community that truly cares.

How to Participate

Whether you’re a student or an educator, we can help you bring The Shoebox Project to your school and make a truly meaningful impact in your community.

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Student Creative Writing Contest
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Deadline March 31st, 2023
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