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Starting a New Shoebox Project Chapter in your community is a wonderful way to bring your community together in a meaningful and impactful way to help local women impacted by homelessness.

What is a Local Chapter?

A  Local Chapter is a branch of The Shoebox Project led entirely by volunteers.

On behalf of, and supported by, a trusted national registered charity, Local Chapters collect gifts and essentials from members of the community and distribute them through shelters and agencies to local women experiencing or at-risk-of homelessness.

Who Operates a Local Chapter?

Volunteers just like you! 

Local Chapters Coordinators are community members looking for a rewarding volunteering opportunity.

Coordinators lead the Local Chapters with the help of support volunteers from their community.

Without Local Coordinators our Chapters would not exist!

What Does a Local Coordinator Do?

A Local Coordinator determines a Chapter's goals based on the needs of local shelters and community agencies.

They lead and execute seasonal gift drives by recruiting local volunteers to help.

Chapters educate and build awareness of The Shoebox Project and our mission.

They encourage the community to support the Chapter's goals through Shoebox gifts, monetary donations and kind messages.

Some key aspects to the role of a Local Chapter Coordinator are:


  • Identify local shelters
  • Develop partnerships
  • Know & meet their needs


  • Recruit and coordinate volunteers
  • Collect, inspect, & deliver shoeboxes
  • Appreciate their efforts

Community Outreach

  • Engage & fundraise
  • Build local networks & partnerships
  • Facilitate corporate/school/group drives

Build Awareness

  • Share the giving excitement
  • Work with community leaders & press
  • Communicate the needs of women accessing shelter services

Apply Now

Can anyone start a new Local Chapter/Lead an established Local Chapter?

Anyone who feels they meet the qualifications are welcome to apply for the role. This is ultimately a volunteer leadership position so we are looking for mature individuals who have previous volunteer and leadership experience. This role involves us getting to know the individual applicant to ensure that it is a good fit for both sides and following our screening requirements before an individual is invited as a Local Chapter Coordinator. We want to ensure every individual is set up for success and expectations are clear in this highly rewarding role!

Who should apply for this role?

  • Strong leaders who believe that the smallest acts of kindness can have a lasting effect on someone else’s life. When we put our empathy into action and lead others in doing the same, real and lasting change is possible.

  • Leaders who want to dive deep into their communities to build awareness. When we build compassionate and connected communities, the next generation will emerge as new leaders in positive change.

  • Leaders who understand that working together has a much greater effect than working alone and will guide and encourage other volunteers along the way. There is always strength in numbers and we can accomplish so much more when we do it together.

  • Leaders who understand that strong communication will help lay a great foundation to build a strong Chapter. Good communication is the bridge between confusion and clarity. Effective communication is the real work of leadership and is key to ensuring it all comes together smoothly.

  • Read through our position description to see the qualifications and time commitment needed in detail.

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